Discover the News Impact on Forex Market!

Study the historical charts of more than 70 economic indicators and analyze the historical price action of more than 30 Forex pairs.

In a few words...

  • SpikeCharts provides historical Forex market data through chart snapshots centered on major economic news events. Forex traders can analyze the performance of various pairs through these charts and see how economic indicators impact Forex pairs. SpikeCharts is an invaluable resource for every Forex news trader.

    Check out the features

    • Pips vs Rate

      Effortlessly toggle between viewing actual prices and market movements expressed in pips, enabling a clearer understanding of market dynamics.

    • Historical deviations

      The essence of SpikeCharts! Access historical, actual, and deviation data for each news release in one detailed chart, providing you with full insight to inform your decisions.

    • Pair performance

      Instantly compare currency pairs to identify which experienced the most significant movement across various time frames (M1, M5, M15, and M30), simplifying your analysis.

    • Historical releases

      Leverage historical news releases to gain insights into how they have historically influenced currency pair price movements, enhancing your strategy development.

    • Available pairs

      Access data for over thirty currency pairs for every news release since 2010, ensuring a broad spectrum of information at your fingertips.

    • Indicators

      Benefit from extensive coverage of economic indicators from multiple economic regions, offering a wide-angle view on global economic health.

    • Side by side

      Eliminate the need to switch between charts by comparing two pairs side by side, across multiple time frames, including tick resolution, for a more efficient analysis process.

    • Pricing details

      Multiple time-frame charts of more than 30 Forex pairs
      Select Economic Indicators
      US Employment Change
      EU Minimum Bid Rate
      AU GDP
      Limited to 1 Year of historical data

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